Couple Massages

Enjoy your treatment together and select a Massage for your partner and you.
Back Couple-Massage
Relaxing and tension-relieving, incl. exfoliation.
45 Min
CHF 180.00
Hot Stone Back Couple-Massage
Relieving tension and inducing deep relaxation.
45 Min
CHF 196.00
Aroma Balancing Couple-Massage
A gentle though energizing massage with a customized blend of essential oil. Full body incl. head and face.
60 Min
CHF 240.00
Balinese Couple-Massage
A deep relaxing full body massage that brings a release to tense and knotted muscles. Consists of a combination of techniques like palm sliding, kneading and acupressure to stimulate the muscles as well as the circulation (incl. footbath). A true energy booster!
90 Min
CHF 360.00
Classic Full Body Couple-Massage
Indulge with your partner in the Classic Full Body Couple-Massage, carried out by our caring, fully trained masseuses. This treatment targets the entire nervous system, stimulates circulation, and strengthens your metabolism. The best way to finish the year with less tension and more vitality.
60 Min
CHF 240.00
Ultimate Full Body Indulge Treatment For Two
Full body exfoliation followed by an extensive massage (60')
90 Min
CHF 340.00
Exclusive Hot Stone Full Body Couple-Massage
The best way to relieve tension. We use only the finest lava stones for your Hot Stoner Couple-Massage, which have been rendered silky smooth through natural erosion. These are gently heated and placed on your back, allowing for the warmth to melt their troubles away and induce the deepest relaxation. What a better way to escape from the stress and cold of the holiday season?
75 Min
CHF 330.00